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Raghuram Metal Industries


Welcome to the leading and number one manufacturer/Producer and exporter of Agriculture, Food & Beverage, Energy Drinks , Soft Drinks ,Beer, Wines, whiskey , oils nuts and so on of fine qualities. Created with the aim of meeting domestic needs for Agriculture, Food & Beverage-products ,but with the need for growing markets, We became famous in the field of extensions of its products to suit the ever pressing needs and demand and to meet the desire of international market and competition. This explains why we went into establishments with foreign partners and sooner became renowned in the field of supplying and larger extent meeting the pressures of buyers world wide. With full recognition from the Chamber of Commerce, stands as a reliable supplier with reputable references for over so many years into international trade. We specializes in fine quality Agriculture, Food & Beverage produced with the strictest hygiene standards and meticulous quality control guaranteeing the purity and flavour of the products.


JPEGR Drinks & Baverage Enterprises has a remarkable network of high level sources throughout world, allowing us to offer our clients the highest standard of quality products. We actively manage and build our portfolio of high quality commodities and services.


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Heineken Beer
Becks Beer
Budweiser Beer 330ml Can
Kronenbourg 1664 Beer
Corona Beer
Carlsberg Beer
Red Horse Beer
Oettinger beer,
Guinness Draught
Jupiler Pilsener
Ginger Beer
Super Bock Beer
Cobra Beer

Red Bull Energy Drinks. Blue and Silver
Red Lion - Energy Drink. Gold-Canned
Gatorade Energy Drink
Monster Energy Drinks
Duff Energy Drink
Rockstar energy drinks
Xyience Xenergy Energy Drink
Crunk Energy Drink
XS Energy Drink
Full Throttle Energy Drink
Guru Energy Drink
5 Hour Energy Drink
Evian Mineral Water And so on.

Refined Sunflower oil
Jatropha Oil
Castor oil
Refined Soyabean Oil
Extra Virgin Coconut Oil
Edible refined corn oil
used cooking oil
Crude Degummed Rapeseed OIl
Cambodian Long Grain Rice 5% Broken
Vietnam Rice
Basmati rice, long grain white rice
Non Basmati Rice
Pine nuts
Unsalted Butter
Almond Nuts
Fresh Coconuts
Desiccated Coconut
Fresh Pears
Fresh Mushrooms
Brined Mushrooms
Almond Powder
Bee Powder Venom
Whole Betel Nuts
Seaweed Caviar
Coconut Milk Powder
Frozen young coconut meat
Cereal powder
Skimmed Milk Powder
Luna Evaporated Milk
Nido Milk Powder
Nutrilon NL Baby Milk Powder
Aptamil Baby Milk Powder
Peanut Butter in Drum
Cetyl alcohol
Milk Powder
Whole Milk Powder
Wholesale whey protein,whey protein powder
gouda cheese 48%
Mozzarella Cheese
Soybean Milk
Cow Raw Milk with 3,8 - 4,4% Fat
Mellin baby milk powder from Danone
Brown Sugar
Refined White Sugar
Icumsa 45 Sugar
Erythritol Food Additives, Sweeteners Natural Org...
Non-dairy creamer
Citric acid monohydrate food additive
Dextrose anhydrous, sweeteners
Wheat gluten, vital wheat flour
Maltodextrin, white or light yellow powder
Dextrose Monohydrate
Corn starch baking food additives
Pure Natural Honey
Honey bee wax

Friesian Holstein
Frozen Pork feet
frozen pork front feet
frozen pork hind feet
frozen pork Meat
Alfalfa Hay
Fresh white and brown chicken table eggs
Dried Sea Cucumber
Dried Catfish Maws
frozen hake fish fillet
Basa fish
frozen mackerel
Frozen Sea Scallop Meat
200-300g mackerel
canned seafood

Coca Cola
Pepsi cola can 330 ml
SodaStream Orange Sodamix
Concentrated Pear Juice
concentrated apple juice
Apple Puree
Orange juice
Aloe vera juice
Goji berry juice
Dried goji berry




Jack Daniels,
Johnnie Walker,
Black Label/Red Label
Hennessy Whisky
Jack Daniels whisky
Remi Martin




Morgenhof estate merlot 2009 wines
Morgenhof estate 2005
Morgenhof estate sauvignon blanc 2011
Morgenhof estate chardonnay 2010
morgenhof estate chenin blanc 2011
Fantail merlot 2006
Fantail cabernet sauvignon/cabernet franc 2009
Red france wines
Portogal red wine
Sangiovese Dry Red Table Wine



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